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The difference between acrylic sheet and polycarbonate sheet

Acrylic and polycarbonate are belong to thermoplastic project plastic.The difference are at below.

1.  Application

Acrylic is always used to light box/display/advertise/sign/photo frame/furniture/kitchen/crafts.

Polycarbonate is main used to industry manufacture and outdoor decoration such as greenhouse/

canopy/sunshade/garage/roof/awning etc.

2. Transparancy

Acrylic has higher transparancy than polycarbonate. The transparancy of acrylic is up to 92%, and

polycarbonate is about 87%.

3. Hardness

Compared to acrylic ,polycarbonate is higher hardness than acrylic . Therefore ,the acrylic is  more

easy to process.

4.  Temperature resistant

Polycarbonate is higher temperature resistant which is up 120℃. Acrylic becomes soft when the

temperature reaches to 85℃

5. Stable

Compared to acrylic , polycarbonate is more stable/stamp resistant /tensile strength.

6.  Price.

Polycarbonate is higher price than acrylic .


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